Guiding you to achieve a state of holistic wellbeing & happiness

Namaste. Welcome to a world where timeless Ayurvedic wisdom meets contemporary expertise. I am Saroj Velho, your companion on this path of transformation, stationed in the heart of Perth, Australia. With a legacy spanning over 14 years, I have intertwined the essence of Ayurvedic therapies, the finesse of beauty and wellness training, and the warmth of Indian culinary traditions into an intricate tapestry of services.

Here, it is not just about what I offer, but the stories, the passion, and the dedication behind each session. Dive deep into the profound practices of Ayurveda, familiarise yourself with the delicate art of head massage and threading, or relish the richness of traditional Indian cuisines in my periodic masterclasses.

Welcome, and let’s together weave a narrative that resonates with your quest for genuine balance and connection.


Prana Ayurvedic Spa

Step into Prana Ayurvedic Spa, where I blend ancient Ayurvedic traditions with personalised healing treatments, relaxing massages, and calming ayurvedic sessions. Each visit promises a transformative experience, meticulously crafted for your holistic renewal. Join me in this oasis of well-being and discover the essence of true rejuvenation.

One on One

Practical Training

Dive deep into the holistic arts of Ayurveda and beauty with my meticulously crafted courses at Prana. Every lesson reflects my vast experience, ensuring that we cover therapies often missed by others. My unique approach offers personalised one-on-one mentorship, allowing you to learn at your own rhythm, tailored to your specific needs. After our sessions, you will gain exclusive access to videos that capture our shared journey, serving as a reminder of our time together and your continuous growth. Join me for a transformative experience, where together, we will unlock your full potential.


Indian Cooking

Dive into the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine with me. From heartwarming recipes passed down through generations to mastering the essence of healthy and delightful dishes, my classes offer a culinary adventure like no other. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a budding cook, let’s embark on this flavourful journey together, celebrating both tradition and innovation. Ready to explore? Join a class or savour my cherished recipes from the comfort of your home.

Say Hello

Your thoughts and stories matter to me. Whether it is a simple text, a direct email, or an old-school phone call – I cherish all forms of connection. Embracing the classic ways, I have a soft spot for phone chats! However you choose to communicate, I eagerly await our interaction. Let’s initiate a meaningful dialogue today.