Practical Training

Embarking on a journey with Prana is not merely about discovering external beauty and well-being; it is also a path to mastering the ancient arts that bring them to life.

At the helm of Prana Ayurvedic Spa, I, Saroj Velho, have passionately curated courses that mirror my dedication and years of expertise in Ayurveda and holistic beauty.

These courses don’t merely echo what is available everywhere else – they encapsulate therapies that are often overlooked by conventional training schools. Whether it is the art of facial treatments, the finesse of microdermabrasion, the gentle techniques of waxing, or the rhythmic cadence of massage, I ensure that every nuance is accessible to you.

What truly defines training at Prana is the intimate one-on-one mentorship. In this intimate learning environment, I am not just an instructor but a guide, ensuring that every session resonates with your pace and addresses your unique needs. The joy of witnessing my clients blossom into confident and adept professionals is an indescribable reward.

I treasure the value of constant growth and learning. As a testament to that, post-training, I provide exclusive access to private videos capturing your progress and the shared learning experiences with peers. These visual memoirs not only serve as technique refreshers but also stand as a testament to your evolution, urging you to keep scaling new heights.

Step into a world of mastery, of genuine mentorship, and of transformation. Are you poised to harness your potential and redefine your professional journey? Let’s embark on this transformative adventure at Prana.