My Odyssey

From the Heart of India to the Soul of Prana

As the sun rose over the landscapes of India, my story began to unfold—a tale of a young girl, destined to be deeply connected to the ancient rituals of Ayurveda. This journey, spanning continents, is about heritage, passion, and an undying quest for holistic well-being.

India: Birthplace of Traditions and Dreams

Born amidst the timeless traditions of India, my life was profoundly marked by my cultural lineage. Nurtured in a vegetarian household, the values of holistic living were instilled in me from an early age. As I journeyed to the UK, I adapted and embraced a pescatarian diet, merging my Indian roots with the diverse culinary tapestry of the West. Back in the heart of the subcontinent, where Ayurvedic practices have flourished for over 3000 years, my passion and foundation take root. Growing up with the profound wisdom of my ancestors, I’ve always been drawn to the essence of natural remedies and the intricate balance of body, mind, and spirit.

Love in the Skies and London’s Call

A chance encounter aboard a flight sparked a love story that’s still unfolding—a tale of adventure, love, and partnership. This serendipitous meeting blossomed into a union of over three decades with my confidante, business partner, and life’s coach.

London, with its mesmerising charm, beckoned next. Spending 15 years amidst its grandeur, I embraced the comforts of Western life, a vibe I later found echoed in the relaxed Australian lifestyle.

A New Horizon: Perth and the Birth of Prana

2006 marked my move to Perth and my deep dive into the beauty industry with a Diploma from the Australasian Academy of Wellness Therapies. In 2009, Prana was born—a culmination of my dreams and hard work.

At Prana, I’m not just an Ayurvedic therapist but also an educator. While spa treatments remain my core, I am passionate about teaching the nuances of the beauty world. With specialisations in Indian head massage and threading, I am redefining beauty standards. But that’s not where my journey ends. Every three months, I invite a select few to embark on a culinary journey with me, exploring the vibrant tapestry of Indian flavors, an endeavor I’ve pursued with passion for six years.

A Blend of Old and New

At Prana Spa, every treatment, training session, and cooking class I offer is infused with my personal touch and rich heritage. From the aromatic tapestry of Indian flavors in my cooking classes to the transformative power of Ayurvedic treatments, I blend the ancient wisdom of my roots with contemporary techniques. Whether you’re embarking on a culinary journey with me or seeking holistic rejuvenation, each experience is designed to be unique and transformative. My story is not just about treatments or recipes—it’s an invitation to embrace a harmonious blend of old-world traditions and modern-day practices.

Join me on this journey, and let’s co-create moments of tranquility, beauty, and purpose.